Substance abuse in Selden, NY

Substance Abuse in Selden New York

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Getting into substance abuse

Being part of the many New York cities, escaping the jaws of drug smuggling has not been easy for the people of Selden. For the younger generation, the habit had to have been borrowed from someone or a role model. Ambition for many youths in the city to make it big in the competitive market of such a magnet city has been the goal. Many a big names live in this expansive larger city. But theirs is not a story to be proud of. Rock stars, Hip-hop superstars have many a times glorified using drugs in their music. Magazines are full of how they psyche up for concerts by abusing drugs.

Use of marijuana, heroine and cocaine has been made cool. Alcohol and cigarette use by parents in full view of these young minds has left a lot to be desired. With a figure to emulate, a majority of teenagers have turned to substance abuse because they have been tolerated by the society. For young girls wanting to be models, the model life full of cocaine and heroine use makes them engage in it early to be used to it by the time they get in their careers.

How drugs are sold in the city

Access to drugs within the city is as easy as ABC. A majority of drug users are well familiarized with locations where these substances are sold. Schools is a common place for the sale of prescription drugs, heroine and prescription drugs. Some manage to steal booze stocked up by the parents, since some can’t keep track of how many bottles are in the cellar.

Effects of drug use

Knowing when one is using is easy if there is an interest in tackling the issue. Poor grades, lethargy and truancy are displayed by the teenagers in school. Mood swings is quite common given that the users are not in control of their emotions. Violence becomes a common place, as more and more addicts look for ways to get the extra cash to support their habit. Territorial control, of the drug smuggling business leads to gang violence in neighborhoods.

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